Eden Top video 3 Woche TNT Mittwoch 002 Minuten vor dem Crash

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3 Woche TNT Mittwoch 002 Minuten vor dem Crash

I know even intelligent people who think this creep is for real. BUt his clever side-tracking of everyone is making people who know truths about his past even angrier. Watch for his straw man arguments and sarcasm, . how he grew up in Kenya with Romney hahaha etc. No one said he grew up in Kenya. COmplete straw man and cynical lying about serious issues with his background and eligibility, but also about whether he got help from intelligence sources aor powerful people in high places--AND WHY, of course. The guy is covering up his past and is the single best liar there has ever been. He doesn't address real issues about his past and covers with silly sarcasm and arrogant backhanded comments. I think Obama's college records would show he was a FOREIGN STUDENT when he went to Occidental College. I know he was a drug user, hung around with questionable people, and general loser (just read Dreams from My Father, he says things about himself that show low character but presents it all like it's a of honor) and DID NOT SHOW GREAT ACADEMIC PROMISE. His lack of scholarship (not to mention work ethic) should make us ask how he got into Ivy League schools! I don't know if Donald Trump is playing it right, but you have to watch for the straw man and the cynicism when the American people really have a right to know. He DID spend millions of dollars to prevent the release of birth records before the birth certificate so-ed was uploaded to the White House website. Why spend all that money on legal fees. Sheriff Arpaio and Trump are correct about the doubtful authenticity of the certificate AND his selective serve card. He's covering up his past and getting a lot of help doing it!



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